We specialize in traditional Northern Shaolin kung fu and contemporary Wushu. Master David Scott emphasizes building a solid foundation in basic techniques and individual achievement.

For fitness, sport, and self-defense

Chinese Martial Arts provide a great workout, powerful and effective self-defense, graceful empty-hand and weapons forms, and fun for people of all ages and experience levels.

one jumping to strike with staff, other standing to block with staff

Interested? Try for free! Want to see what we do or ask questions, come by and try a class for free. All ages and experience levels are welcome.

Kung Fu

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is known for its rigorous conditioning and powerful self-defense. Learn more about our traditional kung fu style »


Modern Wushu (made famous by Jet Li) has its roots in traditional Kung Fu, and is a popular sport and performance art in China. Learn more about wushu »