I have no previous martial arts experience, is that okay?

Yes. Classes are small. New students are introduced to our routine and shown how to perform techniques on a basic level. Everyone progresses at their own pace.

What if I have experience in another martial art?

student kicking bag

Skills such as balance, strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance apply to most martial arts. We will build on your strengths and improve the areas that may need some extra work. If you studied another martial art, you may notice similarities. This is because Kung Fu is considered the grandfather of all martial arts because many martial arts can trace their lineage back to one or more Kung Fu styles.

Am I too old to learn Chinese Martial Arts?

No. People of all ages from kids to people in their 90’s practice Chinese martial arts. The key is to learn and practice at your own pace. With patience and regular practice, you will be surprised at what you can do and how good you feel!

What age do you have to be?

Our adult class is suited for anyone age 11 and up. Because everyone progresses at their own pace, no one is too old to begin. Our instructor will work with you to develop a program that will be suitable for you.

Can I or my child try the class for free?

Yes! We encourage you to try a class at no charge and to ask questions.

What can I expect during my first class?

First, come prepared. Wear loose, comfortable clothing (pants not shorts) and lightweight athletic shoes. We also recommend a bottle of water.

Our classes have a mix of beginner and advanced students and Sifu Scott will walk and talk you through our warm-ups and routines. Don’t worry if you don’t catch on the first, second, or twentyfourth time. We’ve all been there.

Class time typically consists of warm-ups and stretching followed by drills, self-defense, or individual practice.

What if I’m really inflexible or out of shape?

No problem. We can help identify your weak areas and over time, we can turn those into strengths.

Do I need a uniform or equipment?

green kungfu top

We don’t require formal uniforms, but we ask you to wear pants, lightweight athletic shoes, and cool, comfortable clothing. A bottle or jug of water wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Later, you may choose to invest in good martial arts shoes, clothing, and equipment when you are ready.

What will I learn?

As students progress through our Northern Shaolin system and contemporary wushu exercises, they are exposed to stretching and conditioning exercises, stances, short and long forms, various striking techniques, joint locks, floor maneuvers, self-defense theory and application, breathing techniques, sparring, and a wide array of Chinese weapons.

What’s the best martial art to learn?

The one you enjoy.